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Michelle P.

All of our drains were clogged and in bad shape, but the kitchen drain was the worst. We called around to a few companies but they all wanted way too much money and two of them didn’t even show up to give us a quote. Flow Right came out right away, gave us a great price and explained what needed to be done. They were finished pretty quickly and now ALL of our drains are definitely flowing-right’. Thanks, guys!

Peter C.

We wanted to upgrade one of the bathroom faucets but were overwhelmed with all of the options and crazy prices out there. We called Flow Right and they came over right away to talk to us about what we liked, what our budget was, and then actually went with us to choose something we liked. They had the old one out and the new one in before we knew it and it looks and works amazing. The best service we could have hoped for by far.

Brian S.

All of our toilets were more than 30 years old and needed to be changed. We ended up hiring Flow Right to take the old ones out and install the new toilets. They were friendly and professional and very respectful of our home, which we appreciated. Their pricing was also good and we’re glad that we hired them. Definitely recommend!

Amy L.

Our water heater started leaking at the bottom and we were starting to get worried. We own it, so the cost was wasn’t going to be covered and we didn’t want to be taken advantage of. Flow Right surprised us by saying it was a small part and had it sealed-up in about 20 minutes. They charged us the minimum they could and said they were happy to help. Hire them if you have any plumbing trouble and you won’t be disappointed.

Susan B.

We’d bought a new vanity and thought we’d install it ourselves. Bad idea! The way the plumbing came out of the wall was all wrong and the vanity wouldn’t fit without modifications being made. The guys came in and quickly changed the plumbing so that the vanity slid right into place. They had everything hooked up and running right very quickly we were quite happy with their service.

Liam D.

We had Flow Right come over to install a new tub, taps and shower head. We were impressed with their knowledge and they knew their way around a bathroom, that’s for sure. They hooked everything up, did some testing and completely cleaned everything up before they left. Great guys with reasonable pricing and superb service!

We renovated our kitchen ourselves but needed a plumber to come in and a friend referred us to Flow Right. We had them come in and hook everything up and they even helped us choose the best sink and taps and were in and out in no time. Great work, professional and friendly.

We'd definitely recommend them!
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Linda C.

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